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8 rules for Startup founders

I am not in the Tech-industry nor in the Startup world, but I built a sustainable business in real estate in the last 6 years.

Currently, I am advising some startups in Berlin, while I have limited knowledge about funding and investors. But I do have tons of management and operations know-how. Especially in sales, negotiation, team building and networking. So here are my first couple of (random) advise I constantly repeat:
  1. focus, focus, focus on what ever is the bottleneck in your business.
  2. you should be able to understand and explain the basic model in your industry in 60 seconds.
  3. you should be able to address the main obstacles you and your competition are facing.
    After this you can innovate, not before.
  4. always go for low hanging fruits first.
  5. a customer you have to educate is not a customer (see 3.).
  6. an investor which you have to explain how to invest, is not an investor (see 3.).
  7. rule for partnership: two broke guys don’t make a winning team.
  8. your partner should have different skill set than you.